Intangible cultural heritage of China Century old shop

扇艺中国 礼善世界

Miss YuSenior craftsman
Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Master

Yu Bei, born in 1968, is a senior arts and Crafts Master in Zhejiang Province.
I loved painting and calligraphy art since I was a child. After studying arts and crafts, I joined Wang Xingji fan factory in 1987 to learn from famous masters and elders. I am good at fan meticulous figure painting and Beijing opera face heavy color painting. The works are natural and simple, forming a unique style. The design and creation of black paper fan, white paper fan, sandalwood fan, Gong Tuan fan and other fans cover nearly 10 categories and more than 100 patterns, including the well-known works "hundred generals map", "hundred faces", "hundred children map", "Peking Opera figures", "Nine Dragons map", "journey to the west", "West Lake children's music map", "Fuman childlike heart", "Lanting preface", "Fuman childlike heart", "concubine drunk", etc., which won the title of the state The gold and silver awards for fine arts and crafts at home and provincial and municipal levels have well inherited and developed Wang Xingji's traditional fan art.

Miss Yu