Intangible cultural heritage of China Century old shop

扇艺中国 礼善世界

Mr ShiHangzhou arts and Crafts Master

Shi Jianhua, male, born in 1954, is a master of Arts and crafts in Hangzhou.
Wang Xingji, the son of Shi Yaoqing, the famous creator of black paper fan and heavy color drama figure, entered Hangzhou WANGXINGJI fan factory in 1979 and inherited his father's career. He is good at depicting Peking opera face and drama figure. The picture color of the work is gorgeous but not vulgar, and the layout is dense; the face of the figure is fresh and delicate, unique, and the expression is full of beauty. And is committed to the traditional painting technology and innovation, its drama fan works countless, hot domestic and foreign sales, many awards. The representative works include all brown painted black paper fans 108 generals, the legend of white snake, the romance of the Three Kingdoms - the characters of Chinese Peking Opera, Fengshenbang, the twelve pulls of Peking Opera and Jinjian fan rap face painting, etc., which push the performance techniques of drama and face painting to a new artistic level.

Mr Shi