Intangible cultural heritage of China Century old shop

扇艺中国 礼善世界

Miss LiuSenior craftsman
Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Master

Liu Ruifen, female, born in 1960, is a senior arts and crafts artist and a master of Arts and crafts in Zhejiang Province.
In 1979, Wang Xingji fan factory engaged in fan painting and calligraphy creation for more than 40 years. He is good at fine brushwork of flowers and birds, especially feathers, with delicate and realistic depiction. And committed to the innovation and research of fan meticulous flower and bird painting, proficient in all kinds of material fan creation, continuous high-quality products, repeatedly won the national and provincial and municipal level fine arts and crafts award. Representative works include meticulous white paper ebony fan "national color and natural fragrance", real gold color painted black paper fan "hundred butterflies map", cold gold face Xiangfei bamboo painting fan "the sun shines in Furong country", ebony meticulous cold gold fan "only peony true national color", all brown black paper fan "three thoughts of wind and lotus fragrance", etc. white paper fan "hundred birds and phoenix" has been included in the "master of Chinese arts and crafts" album.

Miss Liu