Intangible cultural heritage of China Century old shop

扇艺中国 礼善世界

Miss DuSenior craftsman
Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Master

Du Juan, born in 1962, is a senior craftsman and artist, a master of Arts and crafts in Zhejiang Province, and a representative inheritor of Wang Xingji fan, a intangible cultural heritage in Hangzhou.
Since I was 7 years old, I have studied calligraphy skills hard and studied with teachers. I have been carefully instructed by famous calligraphers and painters such as Zhu Lesan and Guo Zhongxuan. In 1979, he entered WANGXINGJI fan factory and took Mr. Zhu Nianci, a master of Chinese arts and crafts, as his teacher. He was able to write four body, good at official script, elegant with pen and clear pulse. In particular, he is good at micro regular script art, which is exquisite and beautiful, with neat and symmetrical structure and strict rules. In the past 40 years, he has formed his own unique artistic style and developed Wang Xingji's fan painting and calligraphy art. His works have won the gold medal of national, provincial and municipal fine arts and crafts exposition and the collection of the museum for many times, with fruitful results. On behalf of Wang Xingji, he has performed Chinese fan art in Taiwan, Oman, Russia and other countries and regions, contributing to the cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.


Miss Du