Intangible cultural heritage of China Century old shop

扇艺中国 礼善世界

Mr JinSenior craftsman
Zhejiang Arts and Crafts Master

Jin GangNan, born in 1958, is a senior arts and Crafts Master in Zhejiang Province.
He began to study calligraphy as a teenager. In 1979, he entered Hangzhou WANGXINGJI fan factory to concentrate on the creation of fan Xiaokai and Weikai. He became a master of Chinese arts and crafts and an outstanding apprentice of Mr. Zhu Nianci, the founder of fan Weikai. The real gold micro kaiwanzi fan of his creation integrates traditional culture and calligraphy, with unique artistic style.
The representative works "University", "the mean", "the Analects of Confucius", "Mencius" are four books of real gold micro kaiwanzi fans, and the black paper fans are made of real gold into more than 57000 words, and won the gold cup award of "Hundred Flowers Award" of 1985 China Arts and crafts Hundred Flowers Award. Sun Tzu's art of war was collected by China Arts and Crafts Museum in 1985. The 80000 character real gold calligraphy fan in the selected art of war of all dynasties in China is the first pure gold calligraphy fan in China that uses words to express military themes. It has strict and meticulous rules, dense and strong strokes, beautiful and elegant fonts. It is known as the work of "uncanny workmanship" by the world and collected by the National Military Museum.

Mr Jin